Leading Rabbi: COVID Vaccine is Purpose-Built to Turn You Gay

Article Link: https://www.oddee.com/leading-rabbi-covid-vaccine-is-purpose-built-to-turn-you-gay-56625/

There have been some strange theories coming out of Israel lately. Did you read our earlier story about an Israeli defense chief who claimed media-shy aliens are in conspiracy with Trump? Now, another Israeli leader has decided to share some fascinating thoughts with the world. Only this time, the leader is of the religious sort and the ideas are about the COVID-19 pandemic. Anti-vaccine views are regrettably common these days, with the most common reason seemingly being a lacking understanding of how vaccines work. But rabbi Daniel Asor – one of Israel’s ultra-orthodox Haredi Jewish leaders – has some misconceptions about the coronavirus vaccine that are wilder than usual. Namely, Asor claims that the vaccine might turn you into a homosexual, according to Israel Hayom. The newspaper reports that the Haredi community has a staggering number of COVID-related deaths due to them shirking social distancing measures.