Don Martin: Into a world of Biden euphoria comes Canadian talk of sanctions against the U.S.

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It must be one for the political record books: A demand for trade sanctions against the U.S. within seven hours of the new president being sworn in. What’s worse, it came from a Canadian premier at the precise moment the White House revealed the first foreign call by U.S. President Joe Biden would be to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, setting the stage to reignite our cross-border bromance. But, insisted Alberta Premier Jason Kenney before the ink on the executive order was dry, trade and economic sanctions are a justified response against a President Biden who signed the death certificate for his government-backed Keystone XL pipeline. Sorry, no. Even though Canada was the only foreign nation hurt by Biden’s multitude of executive orders Wednesday, Kenney’s demand was poorly-timed, desperately-argued and so far beyond real-world diplomacy as to be laughable.