Temperatures plunge to -73F in Siberia during longest and harshest cold spell on record.

Article Link: https://electroverse.net/temperatures-plunge-to-73f-in-siberia

An Arctic air mass has engulfed practically ALL of transcontinental Russia since the beginning of December, 2020 resulting to many regions suffering their longest stretches of subzero cold on record. Siberia in particular is currently in the midst of an abnormally long and harsh period of subzero cold, even by Russia’s standards. As reported by the Associated Press on Jan. 14, the temperature in the Yakutia region of eastern Russia dropped below -40F (-40C) during the first week of December and hasn’t climbed above that since. Over recent days, the mercury has sunk even further, to a staggering -58F (-50C), and beyond: “The main rule is not to stand in one place and to keep going and going,” was the advice given by Yakutsk resident Dmitry Kuznetsov.