WALSH: If Trump Is Guilty Of ‘Incitement’ Then So Are Half The Democrats In Congress

Article Link: https://www.dailywire.com/news/if-trump-is-guilty-of-incitement-then-so-are-half-the-democrats-in-congress

Democrats in Congress, along with a few Republicans, have officially impeached President Trump for the second time. Throughout America’s entire nearly 250-year history, Congress had only impeached a president twice. In the span of just over a year, under one president, that number has been doubled. There are several good reasons to oppose this impeachment sequel. One reason is certainly that Donald Trump will be gone from office in seven days. The Senate would not convene to exonerate or convict him until after he is out of office. It is likely that trying a private citizen in this manner would not be Constitutional, though there are many unknowns because such a thing has never been attempted.