Video emerges of ‘Soho Karen’ Miya Ponsetto fighting with cops during DUI bust

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Video has emerged of Miya Ponsetto fighting with cops during a DUI bust in California — weeks before she falsely accused a black teen of stealing her iPhone in a Manhattan hotel. Ponsetto, 22, can be seen in the Oct. 3 footage outside a Chevron gas station with her mom, Nicole Ponsetto, in Ventura, Calif., according to video obtained by the Daily Mail. As an officer tries to place her in cuffs, she resists, and he is seen wrestling her to the ground. “I’m not even touching you,” she is heard shrieking. “You are asking for literally a lawsuit. I didn’t do anything to you.” Her mom is shown rushing toward her saying “No, that’s my daughter” before an officer shoves her back.