Organ donor mum wishes she could help her children in need of kidneys

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A mother with two children who need kidney transplants said she wishes she could help both of them, but can only donate one organ. Sarah Bingham’s son Noah, 20, and daughter Ariel, 16, have the same rare genetic condition. Mrs Bingham, 48, is a donor match for her children and said her maternal instinct is to donate to both of them. But her organ was always due to go to her daughter and two family friends are matches for her son. Her husband Darryl, 49, is not a match, so cannot be a donor for their children. Both Noah and Ariel have nephronophthisis, which causes inflammation and scarring to the kidneys. Mrs Bingham, of Hexham, Northumberland, said although her son is “very poorly”, he undergoes regular dialysis and is in a stable condition.