Moon Disappeared 1,000 Years Ago – Scientists Now Know Why

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The sun comes up during the day, and the moon – in one of its varying phases – replaces it at night. That’s just how things are and nothing will change that. Or so you might think. But around a thousand years ago, something quite unusual happened. There was no moon. Or if it was visible, it was dim and dark, a far cry from the usual shining light of the night sky. We know this because records from people who witnessed it firsthand have been preserved to this day. For example, in May 1110, one English observer wrote: “On the fifth night in the month of May appeared the Moon shining bright in the evening, and afterwards by little and little its light diminished, so that, as soon as night came, it was so completely extinguished withal, that neither light, nor orb, nor anything at all of it was seen.”