CPS chief vows to curb gun crime, ramp up COVID-19 enforcement in 2021

Article Link: https://calgarysun.com/news/crime/cps-chief-vows-to-tackle-gun-crime-ramp-up-enforcement-of-covid-19-orders-in-2021/wcm/ca686b54-d71f-421c-ad6d-42cda3f897f5

After taking the reins of the Calgary Police Service in mid-2019, Neufeld committed to a goal of reducing gun crime in Calgary, promising to implement a new strategy focused on the issue. But shootings in 2020 actually outpaced those from 2019, with 103 recorded by the end of November — up from 89 for all of 2019. “Those numbers are persistently high. What we’re seeing there is that there’s some lower-level criminals and people in the city that are involved in the drug trade carrying guns that never used to,” he said. “We heard some stuff (in 2020) that there was individuals who said they’d sooner be caught by the police with a gun than be caught by their rivals without one. So that’s not good.”