‘This is a wake-up call’: WHO warns future pandemics could be worse than COVID

Article Link: https://thepostmillennial.com/who-warns-future-pandemics-could-be-worse

While the current pandemic has resulted in over 1.7 million deaths worldwide, ruined economies and livelihoods, and overwhelmed healthcare systems, the WHO is warning that future pandemics could be much worse. Dr. Mark Ryan, head of the WHO emergencies program, told the media on Monday “we need to get ready for something which may be more severe in the future.” “This pandemic has been very severe, it has spread around the world extremely quickly and has affected every corner of this planet,” adds Ryan. “But this is not necessarily the big one. This virus is very transmissible and kills people, it has deprived so many people of loved ones. But its current case fatality is reasonably low in comparison to other emerging diseases. This is a wake-up call.”