Lincoln Statue Reportedly Defaced Because He Allowed Execution of Convicted Murderers and Rapists

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In yet another example of the left’s harebrained crusade to erase American history, a statue of Abraham Lincoln in San Francisco was defaced amid innuendo that the president most famous for emancipating slaves was racist. The vandalism occurred on Dec. 26 at San Francisco’s City Hall. That’s the 158th anniversary of a fateful day in 1862 when 38 Sioux warriors were hanged following a bloody clash with white settlers in Minnesota in an event known as the Sioux Uprising, according to Britannica. Freelance journalist Christopher Beale posted photos of the defaced statue, which showed Lincoln‘s face spray-painted a blood-red hue. In an accompanying Medium blog post, Beale recounted what he saw. Basically, he felt the vandalism was justified.