Despite premier’s calls for Quebecers to stay home, Liberal MNA Pierre Arcand vacations in Barbados

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Despite repeated calls by the federal and provincial governments not to travel, Quebec Liberal MNA Pierre Arcand is in Barbados for the holidays. A witness in the Glitter Bay area of the island reported seeing Arcand to Radio-Canada. In a statement to Radio-Canada, Arcand said he now regrets the decision, “given the current situation in Quebec and the respect we owe to health workers.” Arcand said that when he and his wife realized Quebec’s public health rules meant no family Christmas with children and grandchildren, they headed to the West Indies. “Despite the fact that travel is not prohibited, we are aware of the magnitude of criticism against people travelling south [during the pandemic],” he said. Still, he added that Barbados is “currently one of the safest places in the world.”