Biden Vows To Make It Illegal To Go Without a Mask, But Wants To Decriminalize Knowingly Giving Someone HIV

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Democrat Joe Biden, the candidate we’re told won the 2020 presidential election by a historic margin despite hardly campaigning, wants to decriminalize passing around HIV and AIDS like candy while simultaneously enforcing a broad COVID mask mandate. That’t not hyperbole, sensationalism or speculation. Sadly, it’s exactly what the Democrat’s website says. It isn’t clear if Biden knows it’s on there, but then it isn’t clear if Biden knows a lot of things. He called his running mate the “president-elect” this week. Still, in the Biden “PLAN TO ADVANCE LGBTQ+ EQUALITY IN AMERICA AND AROUND THE WORLD” page on his website, the former vice president panders to a portion of the LGBT community while signaling to the rest of us that his cries about public health are little more than virtue signaling.