EGAN: Is this 54-storey tower north of Montebello an actual possibility?


In the heart of this Québéçois village, things grew in a reassuring pattern from 1870, the important functions steps from each other, knit together to make a place whole. The church, the cemetery, the village hall, the post office, the main public park and the little lake around which hardy souls built modest houses, heated with wood stoves — all within a stone’s throw. He went public with the totem-like design at a public meeting in November. While he was, by most accounts, politely received, some thought the idea plain crazy. Social media was filled with mockery, an anti-PÉKULIARI site cropped up on Facebook, and at least one op-ed wondered if it was all a bad joke. A 54-storey highrise in a village of 600 that has no municipal water supply or sewage system?

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