Milky Way galaxy map unveiled as astronomers reveal Earth is heading toward a black hole


The most precise 3-D map of our Milky Way galaxy has been revealed by astronomers. The 3-D Milky Way map was created using data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia space probe that’s been scanning the stars since 2013. The hope is that the map will shed new light on the workings of the galaxy we call home. It allows astronomers to measure acceleration and hopefully find out how much the universe has expanded since the dawn of time. An impressive 1.8 billion stars feature on the map. The ESA unveiled the map and uploaded a mesmerizing YouTube video of how stars move in the Milky Way. The ESA said: “The new Gaia data have allowed astronomers to trace the various populations of older and younger stars out towards the very edge of our galaxy – the galactic anticenter.

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