Ethicists debate whether anti-mask protestors should forfeit COVID-19 medical care


This past weekend, hundreds of Albertans rallied against masking orders, demonstrators gathered outside a house in Montreal’s posh Westmount neighbourhood they thought, mistakenly, belonged to Quebec’s premier, while in Ontario, police and bylaw officers saw to an illegal, 60-person party at a Mississauga Airbnb. Some guests fled as police arrived, 27 others were slapped with $880 fines, and the hosts issued summons carrying minimum $10,000 fines. “These antics,” tweeted Peel deputy police chief Marc Andrews, “help no one.” Given all that, some ethicists have argued that people who flout or publicly protest pandemic public health measures should willingly forfeit medical care in favour of those who play by the rules, should hospital resources become strained.

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