CNN Proves Just How Ridiculous They Are with 1 Report on Joe Biden


CNN’s liberal bias has been beyond obvious for years, but now the network is attempting to spin a mysterious injury to Democratic presidential-hopeful Joe Biden. Joe Biden, whom we’re told is the president-elect after receiving 18 million more votes on Nov. 3 than former President Barack Obama did in his 2012 race, reportedly hurt himself Sunday evening while playing with a dog. The exact nature of the injury remains unclear. CNN reported the 78-year-old fractured his foot Sunday at time foot while playing with a German Shepherd pup his campaign says is named Major. Cillizza, an editor at the network, authored an opinion piece where he argued the fractured foot “reveals how different [Biden’s] White House will be from Donald Trump’s.” The piece reads like it was written by a third-world state media reporter.

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