Woman Reportedly Let a Homeless Man Sleep on Her Living Room Floor, Woke up Hours Later to a Horrific Discovery


Authorities say a Good Samaritan in Florida who gave a homeless man a place to sleep on Thanksgiving night was allegedly a victim of sexual battery after she awoke to find the man’s hands around her neck. Fox News reported that the purported crime happened in the city of St. Pete Beach. According to WTVT-TV, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office reported that 44-year-old Clark Caplan knocked on the woman’s door near midnight Thursday and asked if he could stay. Deputies said the woman agreed to let the man sleep on the floor in her living room while she slept in a bedroom. At some point during the night, according to WTVT, the woman awoke to find Caplan with his hands around her neck, sexually assaulting her.

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