PA Judge Confirms GOP Has a Case Against State’s Allegedly ‘Unconstitutional’ Mail-In Voting Scheme


After the state appealed her ruling to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, a commonwealth judge is defending her decision to order a temporary halt to any actions to certify the state’s 2020 presidential election results pending a hearing on a lawsuit that seeks to void millions of potentially unconstitutional mail-in ballots. Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough issued a memorandum opinion on Friday explaining her rationale in temporarily stopping the state’s actions to certify its 2020 election results until the lawsuit is heard. The lawsuit filed by a group of Pennsylvania Republicans, led by Rep. Mike Kelly and 2020 congressional candidate Sean Parnell, claims Pennsylvania’s October 2019 expansion of “no-excuse” mail-in voting “violated the state constitution’s limits on who can cast an absentee ballot.”

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