Denver mayor flies to see family for Thanksgiving — after urging public to stay home


The mayor of Denver is under fire after he took a flight to see his family for Thanksgiving — after urging his constituents to avoid traveling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Michael Hancock jetted off to Mississippi to celebrate the holiday with his wife and daughter, News 9 reported Wednesday. That very morning, Hancock had tweeted, “Pass the potatoes, not COVID,” along with an advisory that urged people to stay home and hold virtual gatherings. The backlash was swift. “That is incredibly disappointing,” Dr. Sandy Johnson, head of the University of Denver’s school of global health affairs, told The Denver Post. “So many folks in the city of Denver have been doing the right thing. Unless there is some family emergency compelling the travel, this just seems hypocritical at a time when we need leaders to lead by example.”

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