Black Lives Matter Leader Calls L.A. Mayor Garcetti A ‘Liberal White Supremacist,’ Speaks Out Against Potential Cabinet Appointment


A Black Lives Matter-led coalition in Los Angeles has launched a drive to prevent Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti from becoming a part of the next presidential administration. Activists gathered outside the mayor’s home on Tuesday morning to draw attention to his record, which they say should disqualify him from consideration for any cabinet post. Garcetti was a national co-chair of Joe Biden’s campaign. BLM’s L.A. chapter put out a call to action at 8:47 am local time, instructing allies to descend upon the Getty House, where Garcetti resides, posting the address from its verified Twitter account. The tweet explained that the motive was “to protest the proposed appointment of one of the worst mayors in the country to Biden cabinet,” followed by the hashtag #FGarcetti.

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