Leftists who can’t fathom minority Trump voters are the real racists

Article Link: https://thepostmillennial.com/leftists-who-cant-fathom-minority-trump-voters-are-the-real-racists

Last week, as I briefly tuned into the TV legacy media here in the UK to catch the preamble to the US 2020 election and was lucky enough to witness a deliciously zeitgeisty photo bomb that gave me a bigger belly laugh than Trump’s joyous granddad dancing. With the Washington memorial framed behind him, a “white male” (the most hated of humans) ITV reporter in a dapper suit waxed lyrical on the momentous occasion ahead in which the evil racist Donald Trump must surely be vanquished. Suddenly a black man wearing a red “Make America Great Again” t-shirt and a mischievous grin entered the frame behind him. It wonderfully illustrated the elephant in the room: Woke has a white supremacy problem.