CBC journalist falsely attacks Pierre Poilievre’s wife Anaida over nepotism in dodgy smear


CBC journalist Ashley Burke falsely accused the Poilievre family of nepotism in a press conference today in Ottawa. This was an attempt to equate the practices of Conservative MP Michael Cooper to that of a Liberal MP who had hired her sister. What this CBC journalist failed to mention, however, was that Anaida Poilievre had been working in parliament long before she married the shadow Finance Minister. In fact, Mrs. Poilievre took her position on Parliament Hill in 2008; going on to marry Pierre in 2017. As a result of this, her relationship with Pierre Poilievre was clearly not the reason for her hiring. All of these facts could have been easily discovered through a ten-minute Google search, yet the CBC journalist failed to fact-check her question before she slandered Mrs. Poilievre on national television.

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