Fact Check: Are there 300 active “far-right” hate groups in Canada?


The federal NDP recently launched a “Stop Hate” fundraising and awareness campaign where they claim, without any citation, “In Canada, there are 300 active far-right extremist groups operating across the country, right now.” True North reached out to multiple NDP officials and asked for the document, report or source that contains the evidence for this claim. We did not receive a response. However, the assertion that there are 300 active far-right groups in Canada can be traced back to Ontario Tech University professor Barbara Perry, a “hate studies” researcher. Perry and her Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism are receiving $366,985 in taxpayer money to research “right-wing extremism.” Perry published a report with co-author Ryan Scrivens in 2015 that suggested there were approximately 100 active hate groups nationwide.

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