Hair of the Quahog: Sam Elliott joins ‘Family Guy’ as new mayor


Welcome to the Wild Wild West. Veteran actor Sam Elliott (and his iconic brush mustache) joins the surreal world of “Family Guy” this Sunday as recurring character Wild Wild West, a horseback-riding cowboy cousin of deceased Mayor Adam West, played by the real-life “Batman” star who died in 2017. In his introductory episode (9:30 p.m. on Fox), Wild is recruited by Peter (Seth MacFarlane) to run for mayor of Quahog against local librarian Elle Hitler. “My daughter has been a fan of [‘Family Guy’] for a number of years, and it’s because of her that I’ve seen a lot of episodes,” says Elliott, 76. “To be honest, I don’t wait up every week to watch, but I’ve certainly been aware [of the series]. You’ve got to be living in a hole somewhere … There’s no escaping ‘Family Guy.’

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