Biden May Label Brazil as a ‘Climate Outlaw,’ Ignore World’s Most Prolific Polluter China


Jair Bolsonaro isn’t a popular man. The Brazilian president is oft called “Trump of South America,” a moniker even President Donald Trump repeated when Bolsonaro visited the White House. Most of those who use the sobriquet have an inordinately low opinion of Trump or an inordinately high opinion of Bolsonaro. Between human rights concerns regarding the reporting of police abuse to actual rhetoric issues — like using a Portuguese gay slur to refer to those concerned about COVID-19 — Bolsonaro is not a difficult person to dislike. In particular, world leaders seem to take issue with Bolsonaro’s policies on the Amazon River basin. His promise to open up more of the rainforest to commercial activity and to fight “radical environmentalism” were popular among Brazilian voters and unpopular among the NGO set.

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