Rapid COVID tests slow to be used as health officials unsure of reliability

Article Link: https://calgarysun.com/news/national/rapid-covid-tests-slow-to-be-used-as-health-officials-unsure-of-reliability/wcm/f39eda60-87e5-4355-b014-064bd3cc5ed3

More than 3.8 million rapid tests for COVID-19 are now in the hands of provincial health authorities but many jurisdictions are still evaluating how the devices might help battle the pandemic. Health Canada has approved more than three dozen different tests for COVID-19, but only six of them are “point-of-care” versions more commonly referred to as rapid tests. The “gold-standard” COVID-19 tests need to be processed in a lab, and usually take at least a day to provide results. Rapid tests can be processed in the same place a patient is tested, sometimes in as few as 15 minutes, but they are generally considered less reliable than lab results.