Anti-Species Activist Pascal Bédard Sees Meat As “Victim Morsels”

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MONTREAL — Until he reached age 44, Pascal Bédard loved nothing more than beef-flank steak. Today, he can’t stand sitting at the table with someone who is eating so much as an egg or any other animal product. This part-time economics professor and full-time anti-speciesist vegan activist wants to end the exploitation of animals once and for all. He’s ready to do whatever it takes to get there. When I met Mr. Bédard in a cafe, he had just come from a class at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Dressed in a stylish shirt and pants, he doesn’t fit the stereotypical image of an activist. However, as a spokesperson for Direct Action Everywhere Montreal (DXE), a Quebec anti-species association, he spends his nights and weekends protesting.