Environment Minister: New environmental legislation ‘may’ include new taxes

Article Link: https://thepostmillennial.com/environment-minister-new-environmental-legislation-may-include-new-taxes

Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson told the Commons Environment Committee on Wednesday that the government is planning on introducing new legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which “may” include a new “tax mechanism,” Blacklocks Reporter reports. “I would just say the only way you can actually do this and can meet these kinds of targets is if you actually take a comprehensive view, and that means you need to think about a whole range of issues,” Wilkinson said. “That may be regulatory mechanisms, it may be investments, it may be tax mechanisms, and it’s pricing pollution.” The potential for a greater tax on carbon contradicts previous claims from the government. “The plan is not to increase the price post-2022,” then-Environment Minister Catherine McKenna claimed in 2019.