Bill de Blasio admits he has no real plan to turn NYC around


Mayor Bill de Blasio confessed his utter incompetence this week in interviews with local media, admitting he has no plan to deal with the city’s mounting fiscal nightmare, surging violent crime or anything else — except to hope for a safe vaccine and a bottomless federal bailout. When NY1’s Errol Louis asked what he planned to do about murders (up 37 percent) and shootings (up 94 percent), the mayor simply recited his usual litany of excuses: “global pandemic,” “perfect storm of negative factors,” yadda yadda. But if Joe Biden wins, “we get a major stimulus,” and “that’s going to turn things around.” Huh? How will a bailout reverse the crime spike? He’s surely not going to reverse his NYPD cuts. Nor does a one-time bailout do a thing about the existential challenge to the city’s business model.

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