Trudeau, O’Toole vow to work with Trump, while Singh calls on Americans to vote him out


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said today they’re ready to work with U.S. President Donald Trump if he’s re-elected, while leaders of the smaller parties in Parliament urged voters there to oust the incumbent. Trudeau said Canada is bracing for the possibility that clear results will not be known tonight, this week “or even later than that.” He said that the country is prepared for all eventualities, given that polls indicate Trump is in a close race with his Democratic opponent, former vice-president Joe Biden, in a number of swing states that will determine the outcome. Trudeau said Canada has been able to work with Trump over the last four years, despite ongoing trade and tariff hostilities, and he’s prepared to do so again if the U.S. president is re-elected.

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