Trudeau Liberals admit to having no plan for planting two billion trees


In September of 2019, the Trudeau Liberals, seeking reelection, announced an ambitious promise to plant 2 billion new trees in Canada by 2030 “to help fight climate change and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.” The program, announced by then-Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, was supposed to create 3,500 seasonal jobs. “Trees are a huge asset, providing shading and cooling,” McKenna said in October of 2019. “Our Party’s commitment to tree planting is an opportunity to get more trees planted where they are needed most.” Trudeau also used the plan to take a jab at conservatives, with Trudeau saying “Doug Ford took an axe to Ontario’s tree planting programs and the seasonal jobs it supported.” Trudeau said that in spite of Ford’s cuts, his party “took a stand.”

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