Exclusive: $285 waffles, $412 hot towels, $23,000 catering on Trudeau’s luxurious private jet


A recent access to information and privacy request has revealed tens of thousands of dollars in lavish gourmet items from Justin Trudeau’s private Challenger jet. Covering just the first two months of 2018, these invoices include $23,000 in catering, $412 for “hot towels” and $285 for Belgian waffles. The overall bill is considerably large, as there are 176 pages of invoices describing luxury food items purchased on the jet. Many remember Justin Trudeau’s controversial India trip, wherein he and his family appeared multiple times in traditional Indian clothing, sparking confusion and offense among the locals. The trip was as expensive as it was bombastic. The trip racked up a $1.6 million tab, above the original expected expense of $1.5 million.

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