Hackers demanded $3.7 million in Montreal transit authority ‘ransom’; STM says it won’t pay

Article Link: https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/hackers-demanded-3-7-million-in-montreal-transit-authority-ransom-stm-says-it-won-t-pay-1.5166799

MONTREAL — Hackers demanded US$2.8 million from the STM in their recent cyberattack, the transit corporation said today, 10 days after the attack took its website offline. The STM said it’s not paying the “ransom,” which was demanded in exchange for the release of encrypted servers. “The STM maintains its decision not to act on this request,” it said in a statement on Thursday, after finally making contact with the hackers. The amount they demanded adds up to just over CAD$3.7 million. The attack occurred as a result of a phishing email, according to the STM — an unsuspecting employee likely clicked on a link containing malicious malware, believed to be called RansomExx.