‘Death To America’: Left-Wing Rioters Tag, Destroy Businesses During Widespread Looting

Article Link: https://www.dailywire.com/news/death-to-america-left-wing-rioters-tag-destroy-businesses-during-widespread-looting

Rioters tagged a Bank of America with “Death to America” graffiti and destroyed numerous other stores during the second night of widespread rioting and looting in the Democrat-controlled city of Philadelphia, video shows. The city erupted with violence and crime ostensibly in response to the fatal shooting of a black man who allegedly wielded a knife at officers and refused to comply with orders to disarm. “A Bank of America’s windows were smashed and tagged with ‘death to America’ while a black person was still in it! The fire in the background makes the video look more cinematic,” captioned independent protest reporter Elad Eliyahu.