B.C. Liberal Party faces leadership questions after worst night in a generation


Andrew Wilkinson spent a lot of the election campaign compensating for physical distancing rules by standing on top of trucks at small rallies — only to get rolled over when the votes were counted. “As the results stand tonight, the NDP are clearly ahead and it appears they will have the opportunity to form government,” he said, the closest he got to a concession on an election night in which the B.C. Liberals were reduced to their lowest seat total since the 1991 election. “We don’t know what the final seat count will be. We owe it to every voter … to await the final result.” While it’s true that we don’t know whether the Liberals will finish with 29 seats, 30 seats, or 28 seats, Wilkinson’s time as leader can probably be measured in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

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