Rex Murphy: Hallelujah! No fall election. That will show those mean Tories

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No election. Huzzah! It is great news. For a while Canada was a-tremble that the ice-hearted Conservatives, with their rude slanders on Justin Trudeau’s ethical impeccability, and even more furious attempts to pry into his and his family’s (surely private) business relationships with the Kielburger-WE octopus, would bring an end to the finest, most perfect one-year government performance since the days of Athenian democracy. The Conservatives have failed. They would have hauled us into a plague election. But Mr. Trudeau steadfastly — it is his way — stood his ground, and dared them: if you push a motion to investigate WE (and us), the government will regard it as a confidence motion, and should it pass, there WILL be an election.