McKenna’s claim of more tornadoes in Canada ‘not clear’: Meteorologist

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A meteorologist is disputing former Environment Minister Catherine’s McKenna’s 2019 claim Canada is being hit by more tornadoes now than in the past. Senior Department of Environment meteorologist Peter Kimbell made the comments while doing a podcast with the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. “It’s not clear at all whether we’re getting more tornadoes,” said Kimbell. “Possibly we’re not.” In fact, in his 2018 report on Ottawa-Gatineau Tornadoes of Sept. 21, 2018, Kimbell said the number of lightning strikes, used to gauge tornados, has been going down for decades in Canada. “All I’m showing you is the answer may not be necessarily it is. In fact, the answer may be that it is pretty static.”