UK: ‘I Stopped Wearing My Hijab Because I Was Scared for My Life’

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Meanwhile, the real victims are Muslim women who dare not to wear the hijab. The UK’s Metro on Thursday published a sob story entitled “I stopped wearing my hijab because I was scared for my life,” all about “Islamophobia” in the Sceptered Isle. Sumaiya Ahmed, who poses, hijabless but demure, in a photo accompanying the article, complains: “You’d think growing up in a predominantly Asian area in London would mean not having to deal with racism and Islamophobia. But as a British-Bangladeshi Muslim, I can say racism in this city runs deep.” Racism? What race is Islam again? What race is wearing the hijab? In any case, this article proceeds from the assumption that women who wear hijabs in the UK (and the US) are routinely subjected to discrimination and harassment.