Judge Orders Release of George Floyd’s 2019 Arrest Video, Shows Similarity to 2020 Confrontation

Article Link: https://www.westernjournal.com/judge-orders-release-george-floyds-2019-arrest-video-shows-similarity-2020-confrontation/

A Minnesota judge last week ordered the release of police bodycam video that shows a 2019 arrest of George Floyd by Minneapolis police where Floyd is seen behaving erratically and uncooperatively, just as he was during an arrest this year. Floyd died on May after being arrested by Minneapolis police. Four fired Minneapolis police officers face charges in connection with Floyd’s death. Thomas Lane, one of the fired officers, had sought to have the 2019 video released. Earl Gray, Lane’s attorney, said the video is crucial to the case, according to WCCO. “It shows a false narrative by the state,” Gray said. “The state is portraying Mr. Floyd as somebody that he isn’t, and if you see the 2019 video and compare them, they’re almost identical.”