67% worry about Trudeau leading Canada into growing deficit: poll


While a majority of Canadians support the Trudeau Liberal government in its overall direction and governing of the country — including how they’re managing national finances — they also “harbour a caution on the growing deficit.” And an even larger majority — 67% — believe it’s time to focus on reducing spending because the deficit is growing too much. Two-thirds, or 62%, surveyed said austerity shrinks the economy further, costs jobs and is out of step with the global reality, while 57% said it’s not yet time to rein-in spending, given one third of of people — 33% or 10.2 million Canadian adults — would be destitute without the federal government financial support they get. An index also demonstrates a majority (53.5%) support the Trudeau government across all provinces and regions, with the exception of Alberta.

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