26 days until U.S. election: Infected with COVID-19, Trump faces his worst polls yet

Article Link: https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/america-votes/26-days-until-u-s-election-infected-with-covid-19-trump-faces-his-worst-polls-yet-1.5137283

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With 26 days to go before Americans vote,here’s a look at what you need to know. But one thing is for certain: the polls are moving, and not in Trump’s favour.Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s national lead has widened to 10 points, up from seven points this time last week, according to the New York Times’ Upshot. Real Clear Politics, which calculates the polling average to the decimal point, has Biden ahead by 9.4 points.When we first started looking at polling averages a couple weeks ago, FiveThirtyEight gave Trump a 25 in 100 chance of winning the election, based on a mix of polling and other factors, such as past voter behaviour. Now, those odds have dwindled to 16 in 100.As for battleground states, Trump’s bad news continues.