Raj Grewal, former Liberal MP accused of breach of trust, makes first court appearance


Raj Grewal — the former Liberal MP accused of failing to disclose $6 million in funds to the ethics commissioner — today saw his case adjourned until the new year. The Crown and lawyers for the former Brampton East MP, who was charged last month with fraud and breach of trust, agreed to have the case return to court Jan. 6 during a virtual hearing this morning. According to court documents, police allege that between Oct. 19, 2015 and April 23, 2019, Grewal — then serving as an MP — received about $6 million in funds he failed to disclose to the ethics commissioner, which is considered a breach of trust. He is accused of soliciting funds by “deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means” and soliciting funds for his own personal benefit in connection with the use of his public offices, according to the charge sheet.

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