Canadian woman charged with sending ricin letter to Donald Trump was ‘loaded for bear’ when arrested: prosecutor

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Deadly ricin was on a mortar and pestle found in the Quebec apartment of a Canadian woman arrested for allegedly sending a threatening, poison-laced letter to U.S. President Donald Trump, a New York court was told Monday. Pascale Ferrier was also carrying a loaded semi-automatic handgun, a knife and a backpack stuffed with 294 rounds of ammunition, a stun gun, pepper spray, a collapsible baton and false U.S. identification when she was arrested on Sept. 20 crossing into the United States from Canada, U.S. prosecutors allege. “She was loaded for bear,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Lynch, arguing in a Buffalo, N.Y., courtroom why she should remain in custody pending her transfer to face trial in Washington, D.C.