LILLEY: Closing Parliament and WE scandal boosts Liberal poll numbers


A month ago, I was reporting on the first of several polls that showed the WE scandal was damaging the Liberal brand with voters. Neither the NDP nor Conservatives had picked up voters in that Campaign Research poll but the Liberals had seen their support fall to 30% — below the Conservatives at 33% — among decided voters. So it wasn’t too surprising that days after that first poll was reported on that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did what he had to do to knock the WE scandal off the front pages. He prorogued Parliament. Now aCampaign Research-Dynata poll provided exclusively to theToronto Sun shows that Liberal support is bouncing back. Among decided voters, 40% say they would back the Trudeau Liberals compared to 30% who would vote for Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives.

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