Alaskan sisters beg Canada to let them go to school in B.C.


Bored and cut off from the classroom, students ask public safety minister to allow cross-border bubble It’s back to school this week for students in Stewart, B.C., but five Alaskan children who were set to join them this year are stuck at home after pandemic restrictions have essentially closed the border between two remote cross-border communities that sit side by side and usually intermingle. Right now, people are only allowed to cross the border between Hyder, Alaska and Stewart, B.C., for essential travel or they must abide by two-week quarantine requirements. For two American sisters that means no school as the only one in Hyder just shut down due to low enrolment. So, Hilma and Ellie Korpela were all set to start classes at a new school on Sept. 10 just across the border. in Stewart, B.C.

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