Licia Corbella: WEXIT suffered a blow with the election of O’Toole as Tory leader

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Near the top of Wexit Canada’s Facebook page a post asks: “Erin O’Toole won the Conservative Party of Canada Leadership. How will that help Western Canada?” The answer: “IT WON’T.” Jay Hill, the interim leader of Wexit Canada, which promotes Western Canada’s separation from the rest of the country, says it doesn’t matter who won the leadership race Sunday night. It’s pretty safe to say, however, that the election of O’Toole has taken some of the wind out of the sails of the Wexit movement. Peter MacKay, a longtime politician, was viewed as Trudeau-lite by many in the West. And while O’Toole, an Ontario Conservative MP since 2012, is viewed as a red Tory, he has spent a considerable amount of time and effort courting westerners and telling them he understands their frustrations.