The Conservative Party has a new leader. Is that enough to win the next election?

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Discussion posted by: Arye ben-Shaoul

The Conservative party has a new leader, one who has promised to march in a Pride parade and who will, in the earliest election scenario, face a Liberal government that will have been in office for five eventful years. Is that enough to make Erin O’Toole the next prime minister of Canada? If the Conservative party only failed to win the last election because its leader couldn’t explain why he wouldn’t march in a Pride parade and Canadians were not quite tired of Justin Trudeau’s government, then O’Toole may indeed be set up to win the next election. But if the result of the last election had as much to do with public concerns about climate change as it did with anything else, and if the next election could, to some significant degree, be about all that this current pandemic has exposed and left behind, then much remains to be seen.