‘This shouldn’t have happened’: Father blames son’s death on COVID-19 restrictions

Article Link: https://calgarysun.com/pmn/news-pmn/canada-news-pmn/this-shouldnt-have-happened-father-attributes-sons-death-to-covid-19-rules/wcm/fb90df5d-0e26-421c-8d4c-987e2db3c804/

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He died in a Calgary hospital last Saturday after collapsing on a run. His father, a trucker, was able to be by his son’s side. He said a major blood clot had formed around a stent placed in his son’s aorta. The stent was necessary after he survived a serious highway accident on his way to work last year. Ogden said while in hospital before his death, his son told him he was supposed to go for a CT scan in June. More than 1,500 CT appointments which had been booked were postponed, he said. “The risks are that some people don’t get the essential and urgent services because so much of the workforce and the resources of the health system move towards responding to COVID,” said the health systems researcher.