Rex Murphy: Could this actually sink Trudeau?


I had thought the good ship WE Inc. was finally on an even Kiel (I know, weak) or, to modify the nautical metaphor, whatever bilge had to be pumped out had duly been hosed, but I was wrong. It’s but a few columns back I argued that the Kielburgers didn’t register as lobbyists because, with all their wide acquaintance with the Trudeaus, the Morneaus, Seamus O’Regan and Katie Telford (the prime minister’s chief of staff), including their most visible and frequent bonding at WE Day spectaculars and the like, hiring lobbyists would be just useless redundancy. If I understand the curious idiom, for them to hire lobbyists to pay for attempting access, it would be like paying for milk when you have your own cow.

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