Police investigate expletive-laden verbal assault aimed at MP Catherine McKenna

Article Link: https://ottawasun.com/news/local-news/ottawa-police-investigating-invective-laced-verbal-assault-aimed-at-mp-catherine-mckenna/wcm/c4b3d3cd-9ce7-4be3-b5b2-0390d1bcf123

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The man, who recorded a video of his tirade, which was later posted to social media, first indicated that he had “a tiny bit of an issue,” before accusing the minister of lying about how much the government is spending on infrastructure. “I don’t go to work every day and bust my f—ing ass for this f—ing c— to steal our f—ing money,” he said. “You’re all scumbags. You’re all f—ing pieces of trash.” The man then spread his contempt to Prime Minister Trudeau and the WE Foundation. “Sorry, kids in Africa, this money isn’t for you. This money is for Justin Trudeau and his family. They need it a lot more than you. They need a bigger yacht. They need a bigger watch. They need five watches that are 20 grand.